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Bridge crane lubrication, how much do you know? Gantry crane maintenance and maintenance

Lubrication of bridge crane is one of the important measures to ensure the normal operation of the machine, prolong the service life of the machine parts, improve efficiency and safety in production. Maintenance personnel should fully understand the importance of equipment lubrication, regularly check the lubrication status of each moving point, and periodically add lubricating oil (grease) to each lubricating point. Matters needing attention for lubrication are as follows:

Bridge crane lubrication, how much do you know?

Keep lubricating oil (grease) clean; Different grades of lubricating oil (grease) can not be mixed; Choose appropriate lubricating oil (grease) according to the specified time for lubrication; The use of pressure grease injection method (oil gun or oil pump, cap type oil cup) to add grease, so that the grease can be squeezed to the friction surface, prevent hand wipe into the friction surface; Sodia-based grease should not be used in humid areas, because of its strong hydrophilicity, easy to failure; In order to reduce friction and prevent rust, the rotating parts without oil filling points should be regularly used in the rotating gaps with dilute oil cans.

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