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Frequency conversion single beam crane is affordable To prolong the service life of gantry crane, we should grasp the key!

Single beam crane advantages affordable: because of its simple structure only three operation organization: truck operation organization, car operation organization, lifting operation organization, coupled with the current electrical components design continues to update its reliability into stronger, so the price is also very preferential. Stable characteristics: now the high preparation of frequency conversion type single beam crane is now the new love on the market its stable operation, overall flexible, low equipment failure rate, convenient maintenance, more environmental protection and energy saving, practical operation.

Frequency conversion single beam crane is affordableStrong adaptability to new environment: Need to be built up by the industrial workshop bracket column can build single-girder crane, even the beams of the roof open hole can hold single-beam crane, there are some interior space is narrow, and the smoke is very big, can build installed, only install single-girder crane can be application, had just finished installing falls a few centimeters of soot, but there is still no harm to the natural environment of this single-girder crane.

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