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What are the advantages of double beam crane compared with single beam crane? Working principle of wheel type gantry crane

Single beam crane or double beam crane which is better, it depends on your use frequency and working environment to decide which equipment to choose. If the working frequency is low, the working environment can generally use the electric single beam crane, but it is not recommended that the tonnage is large, if the working frequency is high, the working environment is not good, then choose the double beam crane crane. Double beam crane work level is relatively high, can reach A7 or A8, and electric single beam can only reach A3 level.

Double beam crane: crane double beam design standard 1, double beam bridge crane operating room is divided into closed and insulation type three. Double beam bridge crane operating room platform entrance is divided into side, end and top three. H. Increased the height of the cart bumper. Double beam bridge crane is divided into indoor and indoor two kinds. When ordering, the technical requirements such as high and low temperature of working environment and type of power supply should be indicated. 5, increased overload limiter, large screen display and various protection devices, further increase the safety in the process of use.

What are the advantages of double beam crane compared with single beam crane?

The standard bridge crane has excellent safety and ergonomic design, as well as convenient and efficient material handling performance and unique compact construction. It can be divided into single and double beam crane and suspension crane. According to the user's working level, speed, control mode and other special requirements, tailored for user working conditions of lifting equipment. Two-speed lifting, frequency conversion speed control operation, compact and beautiful structure, complete functions, effective use of workshop space, make the workshop design smaller. Double beam crane is mainly composed of bridge, trolley running mechanism, trolley, electrical equipment and so on. It is divided into three working grades A5, A6 and A7 according to the frequency of use. The operation of the hook bridge crane is all done by the driver.

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