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How to improve the quality of intelligent grab crane? Noise can be controlled and reduced, depending on the quality of the crane itself

Lifting machinery is generally a kind of large mechanical equipment, composed of parts, the quality of parts and the performance of the crane is closely related. Port intelligent grab crane is a large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment. Generally, products are customized according to the actual production needs and use functions of users. With unique functions, a perfect quality management system is needed to avoid quality problems.

Manual operation, crane control room can control all actions of the crane, such as feeding, pouring, piling, etc.; Semi-automatic operation, select the set grab area and set feed address on the touch screen. Under the program control, the crane automatically runs to the grab position point by point cycle and drops the grab to the grab position. The tilt Angle of the grab is controlled by the tilt sensor not more than 30 degrees. Grab the material, lift to the set height, automatically run to the point by point cycle selection of the feeding position.

How to improve the quality of intelligent grab crane?

Quality management is an important aspect of intelligent grab crane industry, which has great influence on market competitiveness. To improve the quality of intelligent grab crane is a common problem in large machinery. To solve the common problems of intelligent grab crane in port, it is necessary to improve function, innovate technology, innovate design and control quality. Product by product quality improvement and control is mainly reflected in two aspects of processing design.

Grasping the design of intelligent grab crane is the source of product quality. It is the key node to ensure the quality of intelligent grab crane in port. Additional product quality control is equal to the quality control in the production process, to control the quality of each part of the product to meet the market demand. In order to meet the performance of intelligent grab crane in port, the first thing to pay attention to is the quality problem, quality management is very necessary.

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