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The characteristics and characteristics of popular science bridge crane Why is European crane the secret of enterprise sustainable development?

The characteristics of bridge crane: the lifting device hanging along the bridge can run the lifting trolley or running hoist crane, known as "bridge crane". Both ends of the bridge through the running device directly supported on the elevated track of the bridge crane, known as the "bridge crane". Bridge crane is generally equipped with a large truck running mechanism of the bridge, equipped with lifting mechanism and trolley running mechanism of the lifting trolley, electrical equipment, driver's cab and so on. It looks like a single-span slab bridge with two parallel overhead rails at both ends.

The characteristics and characteristics of popular science bridge crane

The lifting mechanism is used to lift items vertically, and the lifting trolley is used to carry the load for transverse movement; The bridge and the trolley running mechanism are used to move the lifting trolley and articles longitudinally to achieve the three-dimensional space of handling and loading and unloading of goods within the span and the specified height. Bridge crane is the most widely used, the largest ownership of a rail running crane, its rated lifting weight from several tons to several hundred tons. The most basic form is the general hook bridge crane, other forms of bridge crane are basically in the general hook bridge on the basis of derived development.

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