The largest ground crane made in China

As a big country in infrastructure construction, China also has many powerful tools to support it. However, there is such a heavy tool of a big country, which can be called a walking "money printing machine" and makes many countries envy it. It is a super large all-ground wheeled crane.

Crane is refers to in a certain range, the vertical and horizontal carrying the weight of hoisting machinery, which is also the most widely use scope, the largest number of a kind of hoisting machinery, it as a material handling and mechanical function, can in the work, circular picking, migration, unload all sorts of actions, such as alternate.

So in infrastructure, has a great role, and in the face of large projects, the use of the crane, must also need more powerful performance, to lift heavier and larger cranes, so the demand for those large cranes, is also very big.

Obviously China as infrastructure power, for this type of machinery operation machine, demand must be very big, the early days, we are very behind the development of this kind of machine, can only rely on imports, therefore can only by the nose by western countries, in the face of new equipment cannot be imported, imported machinery, used by suppliers will be limited to, this greatly limits the development of infrastructure in China.

And a country wants to develop, infrastructure is essential, therefore in this context, our country enterprise began, now China has to the world's highest machinery, machinery exports from China, but also reached the sales first in the world, develop more powerful machinery at the same time, also growing in the industry of our country.

This time, there is another big country's heavy equipment on display, which is well received. Even India, which likes to compare with China, also praised China's heavy industry equipment.

The largest ground crane made in China

Netizens even called it "walking printing money machine", this is qAY-2000 crane, which is a super large all ground wheel crane, and the so-called all ground crane, itself is a kind of both truck crane and cross-country crane characteristics of high-performance products.

With this kind of crane, will be able to move quickly, driving for long distances, even the rugged mountain road, the crane will not be afraid, don't need to look for equipment transfer, but can directly use their own cars and the characteristics of cross-country for long distances, and also have the ability to climb and so on the mountain, the muddy ground has any problem, save time, Reduce procedural trouble.

And qAY-2000 crane is obviously the best in the whole ground crane, is also the world's largest all ground crane, as a large all ground crane, from the research and development of manufacturing, are more difficult, but also need high cost, and the use and maintenance level is higher.

And its in the installation of wind power equipment, has played a huge role, to know that wind power construction, is one of the world's most important development of infrastructure projects, and wind power equipment, generally in high mountains, plateau areas, such as China, are mostly built in the northwest and other vast places.

Building, this was a certain limit, and wind power equipment, also is a heavyweight, as well as the existence of large volume, such as wind turbine blades, not only is an important equipment of wind power, is as the existence of a big MAC and usually and the blade will need hoisting up, so leave the crane operation.

At this point, it is very important to have an all-surface crane, not to mention a world-leading machine.

After all QAY - 2000 crane working ability is strong, not only for the environment deployment requirements also lowest, do not pick a place to construction, but also greatly enhance the efficiency, and said China, once again, wind power equipment installation, impeller assembly, need 90 meters above the ground, not weight, said lifting the item to 90 meters, is a challenge, This height is equivalent to 30 meters.

The strength of qAY-2000 crane has become the best choice for construction teams around the world to install wind power equipment, which makes all countries feel excited.

Not just India in envy, is Japan's envy, China built the world's most advanced full crane on the ground, making them a mystery, also can only look on, and because of the popularity, nature also has a lot of countries want to order or loan, therefore referred to as "the printing presses in walking", is not without reason.

Qay-2000 crane first through the 6000 tons of load test, the load is the limit of the industry, including excellent foreign cranes, also slow to break through this bottleneck, but did not expect, in the qAY-2000 crane improvement, through to 7500 tons of load.

Load momentum as the world's first, lifting weight also is as high as 325 tons, broke the world record, lifting height has become a world record, from the point of which on the one hand, crane QAY - 2000 is very good, and reliable, and can therefore see China in the field of crane, has become the world's leading exist, but also showed great advantages of the industry.

I believe that QAY-2000 crane can bring great help to our country, no matter which big country heavy, are our country's major design team efforts to complete, here or to thank them for their efforts, to pay tribute to them.

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