When will the gantry crane be repaired?

In the operation of large mechanical equipment, fear that any part of it may be damaged or malfunction. Once a failure occurs, it is much harder to fix. It is true that every company does not want to see production schedules affected. The main business is gantry cranes, but I still hope that everyone can have a large degree of control over the use and maintenance of the equipment to reduce their own troubles and save the manufacturers valuable maintenance time. So please read this article carefully and learn:

When will the gantry crane be repaired?

Now I will tell you when the gantry crane needs maintenance and what conditions are suitable:

1. First of all, it must be combined with the conditions of use. Service life is less than one year. It is easy to maintain and does not require major repairs. If it is more than three years, it needs to be overhauled and replaced with different parts.

2. Frequency of combined use. If the frequency is high, for example in a large steel plant, more frequencies will be used and an overhaul may be required annually.

3. Also, it depends on routine maintenance. If you usually pay attention to management and maintenance work, it is easy to prolong the service life of gantry crane.

Gantry crane

4. Gantry crane is also related to the level of work. The A5 has different performance and operating range than the A3. It may be larger than the maintenance time.

It is well known that overtime is common in order to meet construction deadlines. This is common practice, but in addition to taking care of their health, employees have to work overtime. Consider late night or dim light is not convenient to work overtime.

1. In order to avoid accidents, operators should prepare flashlights in advance to deal with accidents.

2. After the construction of the gantry crane is completed, please cut off the power supply before cutting off the power supply to avoid fire.

3. The gantry crane shall be installed with lighting lamps before night construction and ensure its safety. In general, iodine tungsten lamps are selected for outdoor operations and safety lighting is selected to seal off lighting in the environment and pressure vessels.

4. The building area of gantry crane shall be fully illuminated.

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