When sheet metal shell processing, how to do a good job of spray paint trace processing?

Now, the application of sheet metal shell processing parts has become more and more widespread, among which, spray painting is a process we will be involved in, but because the use and needs of products are different, in the process of customized Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication, each manufacturer for spray paint trace processing is also different. So do you know how to do a good job in the processing of the sheet metal shell?
When processing sheet metal shell, the treatment of spray paint marks:

Problem one: The finishing part around the sheet metal shell processing bulge into a ring.

This is due to the substrate not fully hardened, resulting in the absorption of the finish. The sandpaper was too thick and the wrong thinner was used for the finish. Sections repaired with atomite or eyecream are not properly primed or sealed before applying topcoat.

Prevention: Process and polish the repaired part of the sheet metal shell until the metal layer is exposed. Solvent TEST WITH THINNER ON THE edge of the EXPOSED PAINT layer. If the paint softens, this layer must be sealed. Atomite and eye FILL can only be used on exposed metal, do not cover the original paint surface. Choose the right sandpaper. Make sure all preparation materials are completely dry.

b019c06c7f6da1fa3d4e637316080760Remedy: After the sheet metal housing repair material is dry, smooth the damaged part, and then isolate it with the backing material, and then re-spray.

Problem two: There are some dots protruding on the surface of sheet metal shell processing.

This is due to the papillary line under the fingerprinting, the substrate is not fully dry or clean before spraying. The pores/pinholes in the substrate are not polished or filled before spraying. The polymer was not properly isolated during spraying. Spraying temperature changes, and even produces condensation (shrinkage) action.

Prevention: The sheet metal case manufacturer shall ensure that all the prepared materials are dry. Carefully clean the substrate with a silicon remover. Polyester material should be isolated before spraying the topcoat.

Remedy: Sand the faulty area before repainting the sheet metal housing.

To sum up, is the sheet metal shell processing, spray paint trace processing method, we through the above, can be well aimed at the problem, for spray paint trace processing, so as to ensure that the sheet metal shell workpiece can get a good spray appearance.

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