How about a one-piece shower?

Most people nowadays are extremely materialistic and are chasing after a high quality of life because they are usually not satisfied with their current life. Take our usual family decoration, for example! Most people prefer to have a separate shower in their bathroom. Speaking of shower rooms, there are numerous kinds of shower rooms. There are bulk shower steamers china, but compared with the integrated shower room, it is the most popular. ​Then is everyone familiar with the one-piece shower room? Do you know some advantages of a one-piece shower room?

In addition to the integrated shower room for everyone's daily life has brought a lot of convenience. It has a really significant advantage. That is, the device is simple, the device that numerous people feel is a highly difficult question, and the shower room you can totally not think about device trouble, because its device is extremely simple, can save you more financial and human resources.

​A glass shower room can be used for any type of bath house decoration. The installation alone has a variety of different shapes, drawings and colors, so anyone can create a salutation and add to the common plan of his bathhouse decoration. This type of shower is generally easy to wash and difficult to break. Many of these glass blocks are even earthquake-resistant. Another advantage: The whole piece of shower glass is simpler to install than when each piece is installed individually.

There are ventilation fans, lights, some commodities and ozone functions; ​some items are equipped with shelving and shower mirrors. To choose a decent quality integrated shower room, the selection of raw materials is the key, procurement mainly looks at four aspects, the main toughened glass, skeleton, track, chassis.

Various functions, all the bathroom is not only all the appearance is extremely fashionable, but also can be claimed to be compared beautifully, and the connotation of the bath room has numerous functions, such as bath, massage, sauna, etc., luxury bath room and computer control, can complete the surfing, steam and other enjoy, together with music feast, while listening to music while enjoying the real bath.

Disadvantages of a one-piece shower room

The disadvantage of the one-piece shower room is that it is costly, with top-end products costing ten thousand yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. And the size of the one-piece shower room is normally overly large, and can not be customized at all, poor flexibility. In addition, because the function is relatively messy, the elderly must have family guidance, children normally can't use it alone.

Glass self-explosion prevention gradually, the media has repeatedly reported that the toughened glass door of the bathroom self-explosion, resulting in the injury of the owner. According to research inquiries, the self-detonation rate of tempered glass is 1 in 1000, which may be present in the integrated shower room and the simple shower room. There are numerous reasons for the self-detonation of tempered glass. In addition to the quality of raw materials and manufacturing technology, non-standard devices will also form the self-detonation of glass.

How to choose a one-piece shower room

1. Shape and specification

You should decide the shape and specifications of the shower room you want to choose according to the area of your toilet. The general shower room on the market is roughly divided into symmetrical arc fan, there are some square, diamond shaped goods, shower room door is also different ways, there are folding door, rotary door, sliding door, etc., in the way of entry is divided into single-side entry or angular entry, and the biggest characteristic of angular entry is that it can expand the use rate, can better apply the limited bathroom area, Is the application of more style, choose the shape of the shower room to refer to the size and direction of the bathroom.

2. Brand

The main material of the shower room is tempered glass. tempered glass quality difference is large. glass is divided into ordinary glass, hot bent glass, reinforced glass, semi-tempered glass and intact tempered glass, etc., in the shower room glass selection, in order to ensure the safety of consumer use, must strictly use intact tempered glass; ​authentic toughened glass sincerely looks at the indistinct pattern, the purchase of shower room must be from the right channel to buy, to see the brand, can not covetously low price; ​the quality is not good, especially easy to rust, hot air can not be discharged, resulting in the attack of the glass burst.

3. Warranty period

Attention should be paid to the steam engine and computer control panel when installing a shower room with steam function. Given the failure of the steam engine, it won't take long to break down. In addition, the computer control board is also the center of the shower room. Because the shower room all function keys are on the computer board, once the computer board problems, the whole shower room can not be started, therefore, in the purchase must ask the steam engine and computer board warranty time, after the warranty period must be changed in time, in addition to the plate chassis can be environmental protection, always people are begged to use energy-saving and environmental protection products, The glass wire used in some plates contains formaldehyde, which is easy to pollute the air, so this situation must be paid attention to.

Ok, now you should have a general idea of the one-piece shower room! The one-piece shower room has a lot of advantages. It is a completely independent tiny space in the bathroom, and it is convenient to use. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that you can install an integrated shower room in your own bathroom in the future, so that you can use it in peacetime. But if you want to install a one-piece shower room, you have to understand its installation steps. If you master the installation method, you can solve it yourself.

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