Double beam bridge crane operation should follow what requirements

Double beam crane plays a great role in life, and its own because of a variety of factors, especially for safety needs, must also comply with the relevant requirements in the operation. Double beam crane operator must pass the examination, obtain the operation certificate before the machine operation. And before the use of the product, the relevant personnel should read the manual provided by the crane manufacturer in detail. Each crane should be equipped with a working diary and mechanical resume book, in order to record the working dynamics of the crane, easy to shift inspection and maintenance, at the same time, the double beam crane should be required to carry out routine maintenance and regular maintenance.

Double beam bridge crane operation should follow what requirements

To operate in the drivers must correctly grasp the working range of double beam crane and the relationship between the weight, it is forbidden to overload lifting, beyond lifting, must understand the lifting the weight of the goods, such as lifting, luffing, rotating movement and other safety devices for empty operation test, without exception, cargo shall be carried out, and the driver should concentrate in the homework, Pay close attention to the situation on board and give a signal before lifting or changing the direction of cargo movement.

When crane operations, lifting goods are strictly prohibited from head over, operation must be strictly implemented "safe lifting" system, is hanging the goods of rigging straight, on the center line, and then safety lifting, towing hook homework is strictly prohibited, the driver should be careful in the work to listen to the sound operation of mechanical equipment, found abnormal, stop immediately, to troubleshoot rear can continue to work.

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