European crane operation rules

Before the crane starts, it is necessary to check the work, check its various parts, including running mechanism, control system, brake and safety protection device. If there is any problem, it should be handled in a timely manner. Before lifting the crane, it is necessary to adjust the position of the upper and lower limit stop blocks, and whether the fasteners are fastened. If there is something abnormal, it cannot be lifted.

European crane operation rulesIn the process of lifting, if the wire rope is found to be bent or corroded, or seriously worn, then the operation should be stopped immediately to avoid accidents or dangers. Whether the brake device and limit switch are sensitive and reliable, how is the wear of the wire rope, and whether it needs to be replaced. Each walking mechanism, transmission part of the operation is normal, its lubrication is good. When the crane starts working, the operator cannot leave without permission. When lifting heavy objects, the crane should not be overloaded, which will seriously damage the equipment.

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