Main classification and use of gantry crane brake!

At present, all the machinery has brakes, brakes are an important part of the machinery! The safety of machinery is an important guarantee! Of course, gantry crane such machinery, the role of the brake is not to mention! According to different installation and operation conditions, brakes are divided into normally closed, normally open and comprehensive types. Normally closed brakes are used in most cases.

Normally closed brakes are closed when the mechanism is not in operation. If you want the mechanism to work, you only need to separate the friction pair of the brake by releasing the brake, and the mechanism can operate. According to the shape, there are block brakes, belt brakes, disc brakes and cone brakes.

Main classification and use of gantry crane brake!Braking device is an important part to ensure the safety and normal operation of crane. In the lifting operation, the braking device is used to prevent items or lifting arm from falling when suspended, to prevent the turntable or crane from sliding under the action of wind or ramp force; Or to reduce the speed of the working mechanism and finally stop moving; Can also according to the work needs to hold heavy operation; In special cases, the speed of motion is adjusted by controlling the balance between power and gravity.

Crane working mechanism in general should be equipped with brakes, only in the following circumstances, can not be equipped with brakes: mechanism is driven by the cylinder of linear motion, locking oil can rely on the ground stop mechanism. Bridge crane manual operation mechanism, and is not affected by wind or ramp force.

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