What is the configuration standard of metallurgical crane motor?

Metallurgical crane motor also has different configuration standards, metallurgical crane is a lifting equipment used in specific occasions, it is equipped with the motor also has strict standard requirements, in terms of working system, can also be selected according to the different nature of the load. Metallurgical crane motor working mechanism can be mainly divided into the following kinds, we can choose according to the actual needs, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

What is the configuration standard of metallurgical crane motor?

One is the short-time working system, under the condition of constant load, the motor is in accordance with the given time operation. When the motor has not reached the thermal stability state, it needs to stop and cut off the energy for a period of time, so that the motor cooling to the cooling medium temperature difference within 2K, to meet the requirements.

The other is the intermittent periodic working system with starting, which has the same working cycle, namely starting time, load running time, outage time are the same. It can also be divided into 150 times, 300 times and 600 times per hour to meet the requirements of different operations. There is also a intermittent cycle of work, in this type, each cycle of starting current has no obvious impact on the temperature rise of the motor, generally starting six times per hour.

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