What is the difference between European crane and domestic crane?

European crane and domestic crane difference; So-called European only relative to the domestic crane, the main difference is that the crane structure is smaller, electrical control is relatively stable, as for the design of steel structure and domestic crane is basically the same.

What is the difference between European crane and domestic crane?European crane work other A6 above, the requirements of the working environment is mainly on the working condition and operation requirements are more strict, at present, mainly used in military, machinery, aviation, automobile, electric power, chemical, smelting and other industries. European crane height is small, can reduce the height of the crane workshop; Secondly, its light weight can reduce the load of the plant; It can increase the working space of crane.

European crane reducer adopts hard gear surface reducer, can effectively improve the service life of the whole machine. European crane operation mechanism reducer adopts hard tooth surface three in one reducer motor, compact layout, smooth operation.

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