Why does the Gantry crane rotate when lifting heavy objects?

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Why does the Gantry crane rotate when lifting heavy objects?Mainly used for outdoor yard and yard cargo and bulk loading and unloading. It has been widely used in practice, but if improper operation, it is easy to cause safety accidents. For example, when the gantry crane is lifting heavy objects, it tends to twist and you can't see anything at all. But at the time, the object was constantly working in mid-air, unable to stop moving, just waiting for the job to be done. But watching something that heavy spin around in the air is very dangerous. It could fall off at any moment.

There are many reasons for the torsion of the gantry crane hook. The greater the weight of the single wire rope, the greater the possibility of the hook rotation. When the wire rope of the hook is wound in odd matching, it is easier to rotate the hook than even matching. The less the matching number of wire rope winding, the easier the hook rotates. The larger the crane, the higher the lifting height, that is, the longer the wire rope between the pulley block on the top of the derrick and the hook, the greater the possibility of the hook rotation; During the hoisting process, the driver's operation is unstable due to the rotation of the hook driven by external forces such as manpower or wind force, which leads to the swing of the hook and the heavy object, resulting in the rotation of the hook.

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