Working principle of hydraulic gantry crane

The hydraulic gantry crane is composed of two symmetrical multi-stage hydraulic jacks and crossbeams. When working, the two hydraulic jacks, both pillar role, and a lifting function; In symmetrical hydraulic lifting, they support the top beam, lifting large pipe fittings, tank cars, chemical containers, machine spare parts and other items.

Working principle of hydraulic gantry craneFive hydraulic top column, the outermost cylinder is made of lOmm thick high pressure steel pipe J one to four plunger cylinder at the bottom of the center hole, connected with the previous stage of the cylinder, the end face is equipped with oil resistant skin bowl, the bottom of the outer surface has two copper layer, in order to improve the work concentricity and sealing performance of the cylinder. The cylinder head is used to maintain the pressure in the cylinder and limit the stroke. It is threaded to the cylinder block and sealed with epoxy resin. The plunger top is welded to the cylinder block.

Hydraulic heavy lift gantry cranes have been developed as an alternative to large cranes with a lifting capacity of more than 1000 tons. Suitable for any place where heavy loads need to be lifted. Hydraulic gantry crane is especially suitable for the movement and lifting of large equipment under narrow space and limited conditions. Especially suitable for the shorter of the plant and lifting space smaller venues construction, such as large stamping production line for car factory installed (press, punch press), steel roughing main motor installation, steel rolling plate and other kinds of hoisting of large mechanical equipment, petrochemical tower drum lifting, installation of large transformer, large steam turbine and generator stator lifting, etc.

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