5 thoughts on “Can dogs drink tap water?”

  1. Tap water cannot be given to pets. But boiled water and pure water pets can be drunk. Although mineral water is good for human body, it is not good for pet's body. If you drink too much pets, it will not absorb the nutrients inside, but it will cause some adverse effects.
    The tap water will contain some bacteria. We can only remove these bacteria only by sterilizing tap water through particularly high temperature sterilization. If you drink tap water directly, we may have a stomach and some adverse reactions. Pets will also have adverse reactions if they drink these tap water, and pet's body is more fragile than people's bodies.

  2. Dogs can drink tap water, but home -raising dogs who drink tap water are best to remove insect deworming in the body regularly, because there may be some parasitic eggs in tap water. After all, drinking water is easy to get sick and reduce immunity.

    So I suggest that if you have the conditions, you should drink filtering water or cold water for the dog! Drinking drinking water, especially mineral water, has a lot of benefits. Foreign veterinarians attach great importance to the impact of water quality on dogs' health. If it is not convenient to provide it with boiled white water at least, pay attention to filtering the sediment, that thing will cause stones.

  3. Can dogs drink tap water?
    of course, it is possible to drink, because our tap water is originally used for people, let alone drink it for pets!
    Mi people may say that tap water is not clean, many impurities or something, but it does not allow you to drink raw water. It is actually a purification ... so it is okay to drink cool white water ...
    So, in fact, it is best to give the dog a cool and white. It is a very good choice ...

  4. The wandering dog drinks the water is very dirty, the ditch and potholes are everywhere, and the life can be continued. The water is hygienic, but there is a small amount of residual odor. It should be placed in the sun for a while.

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