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  1. What dogs are smart and easy to raise
    What dogs are smart and easy to raise. Now more and more people are raised. Many people think that dogs are the most loyal friends in people, and there are many dog ​​breeds in the world. Several kinds of dogs are particularly smart. Let's take a look at what dogs are smart and easy to raise.
    What dogs are smart and easy to raise 1 Ⅰ, Pomeranian dogs
    ①, Bomei belongs to a small and medium -sized dog, it grows a fluffy hair and looks very cute;
    ②, it is also it I love cleanliness, so the pet owners do n’t have to worry about cleaning it often;
    ③, although it has a fluffy hair, it is not easy to lose hair. It only takes time to sort out it every day.
    but Bomei's temper is a bit big and a little caregivers, so you must not condone it. , Labrador is docile and friendly, whether it is to the elderly or children, it is particularly patient;
    ②, although it is active, it can be closed and can be collected. Heart;
    ③ its obedience is high. Training it is really worry -free, and it will not disassemble and stick people. It is very suitable for office workers to raise.
    The Labrador is easy to gain weight, so pay attention to its daily diet, it is best to feed some high -protein, low -fat dog food.
    In III, Stafford County Hound
    ① Stafford County Hound is a brave, powerful dog. N ②, it is also easy to train, because high obedience is its biggest advantage. As long as the reward and penalty are reasonable, it is willing to obey you;
    ③, it is very easy -going, can live in harmony with anyone, and is particularly sensible, and is particularly sensible , Will not be very sticky, very suitable for office workers.
    This Dantefun County Hound has a large amount of exercise, raising it, and needs to meet its exercise needs every day.

    ⅳ, Chihuahua
    ①, Chihuawa is a very small play dog. It is petite and usually takes out. You don't need to spend too much time to take it to walk, and the office workers are raised, and it is not suitable;
    ③ its food is very small. A big dog's dog food is equivalent to several monsters of the Chihuahua. Diet can save a lot.
    but Chihuahua's bones are relatively fragile, and they will fracture if they bump, so usually give it more foods with higher calcium content, or feed it some pet calcium tablets daily Essence
    灵, Lingti dog
    ① Lingtu's body is slender and beautiful, its temperament is elegant and noble, and it is very face to take it out;
    ②, its running speed It is extremely fast. It is better than walking slowly, and it prefers to sprint in a broad place;
    ③ its personality is very good, it is very kind, raised it, and can help the owner look at children and take care of children.
    . The biggest disadvantage of Lingti dogs is that they do not recognize people, and they do not look at the home care homes. No matter who it is, they can take it away.
    , Biens
    ① Big Bear has a fluffy and white hair, looking very charming and cute;
    ②, its personality is very good, obedient, and enthusiastic, no It will often make noise, very easy to raise;
    ③, it does not eat much, it is not easy to lose hair, it is very effort to take care of it.
    But the bears are blocked by tear ducts, and it is very easy to have tears, so you can't give it too popular and too salty food.
    What dogs are smart and easy to raise 2 warm men — Golden Retriever
    The loyalty index: ★★★★★
    The IQ of Golden Rather Dogs ranks fourth in the dog industry, using very smart dogs It is enthusiastic and cheerful; and it likes sports very much, so it is very good in physical fitness, it will not be easy to get sick, and it is very simple to raise.
    This dogs -VIP
    The loyal index: ★★★★★
    Secondly, not only smart, but also not loyal, it is one of the most popular dogs today.
    This dogs -Chinese pastoral dog
    A loyalty index: ★★★★★
    Most Chinese pastoral dogs live in rural areas. Rarely illness, so it is very good; it is very vigilant, so it can also help the owner to see the home.

    Labra pigs — Labrado
    Loyal index: ★★★★★
    because Labrador has a very good patience, and loyalty is very high Therefore, it is widely used as a guide dog. Its IQ is ranked seventh in the dog industry. It is very smart, so it is very worry -free and very easy to raise. Many people also use it as a child's partner dog.
    Prum dogs -sausage dog
    A loyalty index: ★★★★★
    The sausage dog is a very independent dog breed, it will not be very sticky, and it is lively and cheerful , Very good. However, because the sausage dog's legs are short and the amount of exercise is small, it is easy to gain weight.
    The knife guards -Rowa
    A loyalty index: ★★★★★
    Ritara dogs are very brave, it can be said to be the most powerful dog in the dog industry, so Known as a knife guard, it has a strong ability to resist disease, so the chance of illness is particularly low.
    Thow dogs are particularly clever and brave. As long as they are paired with a small snack and want to train it, it is not difficult at all.
    What dogs are smart and easy to raise 3 TOP10 —— Australian cow dogs
    Australian cow dogs, alias Queens Lamille, are the creators of the 29 -year -old life record of dogs. Strong, honest, brave, and absolutely loyal to their responsibilities, make it a very ideal working dog. But it has a strong bite force and is not suitable for breeding as a family pet dog.

    Top9 -Rowella
    Rawaine dogs are smart, strong, easy to get close, and are born with guardianship. They are very good household dogs. The Rowalner Dog's obedience is extremely high, and the ability to pursue the enemy is also very strong, so it is well received in the military police dogs.
    top8 —— butterfly dog ​​
    The butterfly dog ​​originated in the Xixian Xie tooth extraction and is one of the oldest varieties in Europe. The IQ of the butterfly dog ​​is equivalent to a five or six -year -old child, who is enthusiastic and docile to the owner, but will be jealous of other third parties close to the owner.
    Top7 —— Labrado retrieved dog
    Labrado is one of the "three major offensive dogs", which is often used as a guide dog and search and rescue dog. Although Labrado is a large dog, it is thick and sunny, and he likes to play with children. It is very suitable for breeding at home.
    TOP6 —— The Sheleti Shepherd
    The Shepett was a very good shepherd in ancient times. Now it has amazing wisdom and learning ability, and retains the characteristics of the ancestors and hard work. It is easy to train.
    Top5 —— Doberman
    Dussso, also known as Dulstu, is very bold, sensitive, resolute and decisive, and is a natural guard dog. Doberman's body structure and noble temperament are dogs with both military and police.

    Top4 —— Golden Retriever retrieved dogs
    Golden retriever is one of the most common domestic dogs in my country and a member of the "three major offensive dogs". Golden Mao is very friendly to children and babies, and is known as the "warm man" in the dog world.
    TOP3 —— German Shepherd
    Need Shepherd, alias, German black back and German wolf dog. Let it help search for drugs, arrest fugitives, border patrols, etc.
    TOP2 —— VIP
    The poodle is also called "lady dog", and it has been considered a French dog for many years. The poodle is unique and changing. What we usually call "teddy" is actually the name of the toy poodle, not an independent dog species.
    TOP1 —— Border Shepherd Dog
    The border shepherd with the number one IQ is a type of Carey Shepherd. Essence The border shepherd is gentle and loyal and does not bark, and once became the most popular pet.

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