Help everyone popularize the type and practicability of hair extensions

There are more and more beautiful fairies and different types of hair extension manufacturer. The choice is also very tangled. Let me summarize the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of hair extensions and the approximate price for you.

1: Crystal wire hair extension, the most basic hair extension technique, using elastic rope winding fixed. The advantages are cheap, common technology, and not easy to drop. Disadvantages take 2/3 hours, just connected to having an obvious pulling feeling, sleep will be slightly separated head.

a78052d1eb765ee679aad5a6bf9e0525The market price is 1000/1500

2. Patch hair extensions. Technical requirements are not high, the use of film fixation. Advantages - short time.​ 1 hour can be finished, not separated by the scalp. Disadvantages ~ easy to drop, when removing glue residue, very annoying.

The market price is 800/1500

3, 6D hair extension, a kind of machine hair extension, the advantages of fast time, can be basically done within 30 minutes, the disadvantages of full head connection is more, there will be a slight pressure.

The market price is 1500➕

4, the ultimate feather hair extensions, can be said to be the most comfortable hair extensions on the market. There are no drawbacks so far. The market price is 2000➕

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