How to fix electric hoist wire rope?

Electric hoist is a light and small lifting equipment, has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, fast speed, strong versatility of parts and components, suitable for warehouse, wharf, industrial and mining, shopping malls, railways, construction and other industries, widely used. As a commonly used lifting equipment, in order to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, the fixed electric hoist wire rope must be operated in accordance with the correct method.

How to fix electric hoist wire rope?

A, according to the provisions of JB9009-1999 "wire rope electric hoist safety regulations", CD1 type wire rope electric hoist with wedge joint fixed wire rope, should conform to the relevant provisions of GB/T5973, in the use of wedge joint, only the rope head is not loose, do not need additional wire rope card.

Two, electric hoist wire rope fixed end through the wedge should be left more than 200mm rope head, the remaining rope head end wire should not be loose fork, the application of soft wire will be loose fork parts tightened, to prevent the loosening degree of wire rope leading to loose slide safety accidents. Note that the tightening length is more than 4 times the diameter of the wire rope.

Inspection of fixed parts of rope end when fixing electric hoist wire rope:

1, check the deformation, wear and tear of the detachable wedge-shaped joint of the electric hoist wire rope or the rope clip and other devices themselves, as well as whether cracks and sliding occur, but also pay attention to the corrosion of the wire breaking machine inside the device and the rope end, to ensure the firm reliability of the rope end fixed.

2. If obvious wire breakage or corrosion is detected near the rope end fixing device or within the rope end fixing device, the wire rope can be cut short and reinstalled on the rope end fixing device. The length of the wire rope should meet the requirements of the minimum number of winding laps (2 laps) on the drum at the lower limit of the hook.

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