What's the difference between a thousand inflatable dolls and a few hundred

More than 1000 can buy silicone dolls in the sex doll shop. There is no need to buy sex dolls. Now e-commerce platform sex dolls are cheap, more than 100 yuan, a few hundred yuan more expensive.

More than 100 dollars of inflatable doll looks really ugly, ugly, not just a flat in less than a few times. The student party has no economic foundation or just figure at that time the only buy for fun, material is better than the material of inflatable ball a little bit. The merchant's details introduce the watch is very good-looking, received material is cow ghost snake, instant no sexual desire.

I spent more than 300 yuan to buy the half-body doll, which is better than the full inflatable doll, but after inflating it, I still feel cheap and not good. This half an entity in a few years ago would be about $1000, over the years may be affected by the entity dolls, this can bought half an entity of the bumps, may have a look my split open a case, just received goods split open a case to prepare, timid to scare, in addition to the first hand chest and feet is silica gel entity, the other parts of the body are inflated, But the price is really very cheap.


Compared to the Tiny Sex Dolls I bought a few years ago, I think they look okay, at least, though the silicone isn't as good.

However, after 7-8 times, it also starts to leak. As long as it starts to leak, there is no use, a great effort to fill up, the arms and legs are still soft, there is no interest.

Later I have spent nearly 2000 yuan to buy a small entity dolls, all entities doll with dolls the biggest difference is that you don't have to worry about her flat, the other entities are heavier, all of them, and put in the home is not easy to hide, the years bachelor house will not like me to the guest was fine, but I still give her deposit prepared a wardrobe, inflatable doll discarded after processing, I haven't figured out what to do with the scrap back of this physical doll. However, the physical doll looks much better than the inflatable doll, and the material is very soft, similar to the real person.

It will be used for a long time. If you have sex with a physical doll, make sure you wear a condom, or it will be really difficult to clean up.

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