B2 driver's license can drive a semi engine

Custom semi trailer manufacturers remind you that B2 driver's license is not allowed to drive a semi trailer engine. The models that B2 driver's license can drive are heavy and medium trucks or large, heavy and medium special operation vehicles. Heavy and medium trucks are mostly trucks, while semi-trailers can only be driven with an A2 driving license. Whether it is attached or not, the car is a semi-trailer and is not allowed to be driven by a driver with only a B2 license.

fcfefbb79166a0c037dfe5fecd9c1aa4B2 driver's license can drive heavy and medium trucks, and can drive semi-trailers. Trucks, semi-trailer tractors and tractors are only allowed to pull one trailer. The lighting signal, braking, connection, safety protection and additional devices of the trailer shall meet the national standards;

​custom semi trailer manufacturers trailers are not allowed to carry people; ​the carrying mass of the tractor-trailer of the truck shall not exceed that of the truck itself. Article 19 Whoever drives a motor vehicle shall obtain a motor vehicle driving license according to law.

When applying for a motor vehicle driving license, the applicant shall meet the requirements for a driving license prescribed by the public security department under The State Council; ​after passing the examination, the traffic administrative department of the public security organ shall issue a motor vehicle driving license of the corresponding category.

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