Research progress of anti-swing positioning technology for intelligent crane hook

Intelligent crane in operation stage by friction, wind resistance and orbit, drum and other factors, load influenced by gravity and inertia, using the flexible cable connection between cars and load, compared with the actual swing swing detection may there is a certain lag, thus intelligent crane of extinction process has the characteristics of nonlinear and uncertainty.

The current theoretical research of intelligent crane hook anti-swing positioning technology is mainly based on the understanding of the movement law of the research object, through physical and mathematical means to establish the system internal input and output state relations, using analytical mechanics theory to establish kinematics equations, after linearization to describe the movement process of crane swing.

Research progress of anti-swing positioning technology for intelligent crane hook

If experimental modeling is adopted, it is necessary to add a series of input signals predetermined by researchers on the research object to stimulate the research object and detect its observable output through sensors, so as to explore the input and output relationship of the system by mathematical means. It includes input signal design selection, system damping statistics, output signal detection, mathematical algorithm research and so on.

The velocity curve calculated by mathematical theory may have the characteristics of continuity, smoothness and variable acceleration, and is not sensitive to external interference. From theoretical calculation to practical application, it is necessary to deal with the speed curve according to the performance of frequency converter. Intelligent crane hook anti-swing positioning technology in the current stage still need to continue to combine theory and practice, only continuous innovation and improvement can make the crane more safe and reliable operation.

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