Sun Fusen: Three types of semi-trailers are expected to emerge in 2022

Semi-trailer as a professional transport vehicle, is the current road transport market "main force".

With the implementation of a batch of standards and regulations such as GB1589 and GB7258, the product categories of Semi Trailer Manufacturers in China have changed considerably. Influenced by numerous aspects such as cost, the proportion of canglan semi trailer gradually decreases, and the competition situation of enterprises has changed considerably.

The semi-trailer market suffered a Waterloo in 2021, with a year-over-year decline of more than 50%. What market will semi-trailers face in 2022? To this end, the author recently interviewed Sun Fusen, member of the trailer sub-bidding committee of the National Automobile Standardization Committee and chairman of Changlong Automobile, who believes that three types of semi-trailer models are expected to emerge in 2022.

First, dump a semi truck

Influenced by GB7258-2017 "Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation Safety", the gantry semitrailer which has been occupying the main market of transportation has been considerably increased due to the purchase cost, and the technology of empty hanging disc brake is still unstable. The intention of customers to choose the gantry semitrailer and the panel semitrailer with empty hanging disc brake is reduced. Sun Fusen believes that the self-unloading semi-trailer has broad development prospects in the future, and the logistics transportation category is based on the side unloading semi-trailer.

The side unloading semi-trailer adopts the hidden horizontal gosling neck technology, which has the characteristics of low bearing surface, convenient loading and unloading, and wide adaptability for cargo categories. The self-unloading function considerably improves the transportation efficiency of bulk cargo such as sand, stone and ore powder, which is the first choice to replace the current GB semi trailer. In addition, there are also numerous customers with the side unloading rail semi truck directly replacing the original 600 rail semi truck use. It can also be clearly seen from the sales situation in 2021 that the proportion of self-dumping semi-trailers is gradually increasing.

Second, low flat transport semi

Sun Fusen believes that in addition to the dump semi - trailer low flat transport semi - trailer development momentum is also relatively excellent. The implementation of JT/T1284-2020 "Technical Specifications for Low Flatbed Semi-trailer" industry standard relaxed the requirements of enhanced low flatbed transport semi-trailer to meet the transport needs of super heavy goods. On December 31, 2022, 17.5 meters large flatbed truck was forced to be eliminated, and only low flatbed semi-trailer can undertake the market. And the low flat semi-trailer also has the characteristics of large loading capacity, wide loading applicability, convenient loading and unloading, and can occupy a certain market proportion in the future semi-trailer transportation industry.

Third, container semi-trailer

In combination with the history of Europe and the United States semi-trailer, Sun Fusen think from open to closed is the trend of the development of the semi trailer, safety guarantee and the characteristics of high efficiency, loading and unloading of goods and public transportation, the advantage of intermodal transportation cost reduction and water, the future will be safe and efficient transportation industry development trend, and the container semi-trailer is adapt to the trend of choice.

"The market, enterprises, models and the development of the semi-trailer industry are closely related", Sun Fusen believes that these challenges are the semi-trailer industry has to face the problem. Only by identifying the problem, can we solve the problem for the next step and bring enlightenment. How to develop the semi-trailer industry in the post-epidemic era still needs to be explored step by step.

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