What are the key technologies of mobile lithium battery energy storage system

What are the key technologies to be solved for the mobile lithium-ion battery energy storage system? The emergency power supply system of the lithium-ion battery mobile energy storage power station uses a lithium iron phosphate battery with excellent safety, long life and high energy density as the energy storage power supply. At the same time, combined with the design idea of online UPS, the seamless switching between mains power and energy storage power can be realized, which can meet the emergency power supply and uninterrupted power supply of important loads, and the power supply is more flexible and reliable.

What are the key technologies to be solved for the mobile lithium-ion battery energy storage system?

Mobile energy storage system is an energy storage device that integrates energy storage battery system, battery management system, energy management system and transportation platform. It has the characteristics of flexibility, quick response and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in power guarantee, emergency communication, important activities, emergency rescue and disaster relief, special command, field exploration and other fields.Also read:48v 150ah lithium ion battery

In some application fields, such as short-term power supply guarantee for key facilities and load curve adjustment in seasonal areas, mobile power storage systems should be used. The demand for mobile lithium-ion battery energy storage systems is relatively large in different multi-dimensional scenarios. One is the flexible deployment of energy storage power stations, seasonal load power supply, and electric vehicle road rescue, which are aimed at the diversification of application scenarios and the complexity of the environment. The characteristics put forward a higher requirement for the comprehensive performance of the mobile energy storage system.

  1. Key technical quality and safety

Quality and safety must first mention the lithium-ion battery, because batteries currently have multiple systems, multiple types, and multiple manufacturers of batteries. Different manufacturers have different models. There are several overall safety and quality. Combustion, fire fighting and fire extinguishing, these two key points are reflected in our entire electrical appliances, structure, and heat dissipation.

  1. Battery selection

At present, we use a lot of lithium iron phosphate batteries, because the products of different manufacturers are also very different, there are still some differences in product performance, there are battery abuses, and even energy storage technology standards now have national standards, and some standards are not strictly implemented. It is easy to cause a large difference in the performance of lithium-ion batteries, or even poor consistency, so it is said that high-quality batteries are selected.

  1. Battery management

For the management of the full installation cycle of the battery, there is a problem that the information collection is not accurate now. In addition, regarding the status evaluation, SOC, SOH, it leads to voltage collection, temperature collection and analog quantity collection. In addition, the estimation affects the operation of your entire system, so it is said to achieve high precision. A long-term stable lithium-ion battery management system is also a key to the safe application of mobile energy storage.

  1. Uniform thermal field, thermal simulation of thermal design

We evenly cover the thermal field in the whole system, and put it in a car. The thermal field simulation needs a full-scale platform to do this. Therefore, the entire thermal field simulation battery of the entire battery is also understood to be electrochemical performance, which has particularly high temperature requirements, and the management of the entire thermal system is also the focus of safe and efficient operation of energy storage.Recommended reading:LiFePO4 battery 48V Manufacturer

  1. Safety protection

Now this safety protection, if the lithium-ion battery is thermally out of control, and the diaphragm is added to isolate the temperature and heat, there are two problems now. The first one is that there is no isolation between the batteries, and this problem will also exist if over-protection is added. One is my heat insulation design, and the other is that I have used different over-protection, resulting in heat accumulation, so at present, it is a strategy of solid and reliable heat dissipation and comprehensive protection, which is also the safety of energy storage and mobile Policy guarantees.

  1. Fire fighting

Although lithium iron phosphate batteries are safe to use now, there is also a fire hazard in terms of safety. At present, in terms of safety research, there are two aspects, one is fire extinguishing and reburning, and the last level is necessary for the safety of mobile energy storage. measure.

Product Features of Mobile Li-ion Battery Energy Storage System

High energy density, good cell consistency;

Modular design, high maintainability

Have a clean and comfortable control room

Graphical man-machine interface, easy to operate

Safe and reliable BMS management system

good thermal management system

The equipment is mobile and has a wide range of applications

Long cycle life, green and environmental protection, no heavy metal, noise, exhaust gas pollution, no consumption of primary energy

In addition to emergency power supply, it can save peak and valley electricity prices in normal times, and the whole life cycle

The new generation of intelligent mobile lithium-ion battery energy storage system vehicle has truly realized the system integration of multiple applications of "peak shaving and valley filling + power conservation + emergency + backup + capacity expansion + intelligent charging + mobile rescue". In addition to emergency repairs for ice disasters, mining disasters and other emergencies, and power supply guarantee for major political power protection activities, it can also supply emergency backup power for big data centers, hospitals, airports, communications, etc., provide temporary power supply during line maintenance, and provide ice Lines eliminate ice melting, etc., adjust peak and valley power loads in islands, mountainous areas, and urban business districts, and charge electric vehicles in cities.

The mobile lithium battery energy storage system can be widely used in the fields of power system transmission, distribution and distributed new energy. The modular design makes it easy to move to meet the reliability requirements of power supply loads. It can improve the satisfaction of power supply services and expand the scope of energy services. , Improve the utilization rate of renewable energy, promote ecological environment protection, etc., have good social benefits and development prospects.

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