What is the use and construction principle of bridge erecting machine

The purpose of bridge erecting machine:

Bridge erecting machine can be divided into highway bridge erecting machine and railway bridge erecting machine. Can also be divided according to different structures, this name is more, such as auxiliary guide beam type, transport frame integrated, tunnel type and so on.

What is the use and construction principle of bridge erecting machine

It can also be divided according to the way of erection, section assembling type, whole hole type, etc. There are also points according to tonnage, the general tonnage of highway bridge erecting machine is relatively small, generally less than 300 tons.

Railway bridge-erecting machine, especially high-speed railway bridge-erecting machine, is generally large tonnage, 450 tons, 900 tons, are very common. Some manufacturers can also produce bridge erecting machine is dual-use, this bridge erecting machine is generally suitable for ordinary railway bridge erection.

In addition, there is another kind is used in large projects, such as Hangzhou Bay Bridge (1800 tons), Sutong Bridge (the specific number of tons is not clear). Such as the use of highway bridge erecting machine tonnage is very large, here the bridge erecting machine is generally segmented assembly type, few whole hole form.

So, ask what model bridge erects machine has, it is difficult to say, because this product itself is not standard product, each manufacturer can have his distinctive naming distinction means.

The structure and principle of bridge erecting machine:

Bridge erecting machine is used for erecting highway prestressed reinforced concrete simply supported beam piece, the machine is a single arm simply supported type, used for erecting large span simply supported beam (T beam, box beam and I-beam), can erect straight bridge, inclined bridge, also can erect curve bridge. Because the machine arm can lift up and down, telescopic before and after, left and right swing head, erection of inclined bridge (0-45O), slope bridge 5%, small curve (less than 200 meters) bridge is particularly convenient, no need to increase, remove other components. The whole machine adopts walking, guide through the hole; Adopt gear and rack drive, the whole machine self-locking performance is good;

Relying on driving to drive the leg forward, no need to configure the leg vertical movement power; Hydraulic motor drive drum, double safety brake reliable, double drum line, rope swing Angle is small, to overcome the phenomenon of rope skipping and rope chaos;

Adopt the whole machine to move horizontally to realize the full mechanization of beam falling; Adopt the cylinder top push and the whole machine horizontal movement mode, without the rope can fall side beam in place (fall side beam when the outer leg only out of the cover beam 200mm); The outrigger moves vertically with the help of driving power to reduce the power of the whole machine. In addition, the machine control system using programmable controller control, interlocking performance is good, to prevent the two directions at the same time action, effective control of misoperation, ensure reliability.

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