Bridge erector integrates the electrical equipment of how to maintain?

In order to ensure the safe work of bridge erecting machine, operators must be familiar with the causes and elimination methods of various accidents of bridge erecting machine. In addition, we should strengthen the state monitoring and fault diagnosis of bridge erecting machine to ensure the safe operation of bridge erecting machine. Below we for the bridge erecting machine electrical equipment maintenance details for a simple introduction.

1, often keep clean electrical equipment, such as resistors, control screens, contactors, etc., remove internal and external dust, dirt, prevent leakage, breakdown, short circuit and other adverse phenomena.

2, often observe the motor rotor sliding line, brush contact is good.

Bridge erector integrates the electrical equipment of how to maintain?

3. Whether the sound of motor, electromagnet, relay, electromagnetic switch and so on is normal.

4, check the CAM controller, contactor whether there is burning phenomenon, if so, should be replaced in time or use emery cloth after grinding.

5, when the use conditions are bad, the motor, wire, insulation resistance should be measured regularly, pay attention to the cable sliding line insulation and grounding of each shell.

Bridge erecting machine

6. Rust and dirt on the slide track must be removed at any time.

7. Whether the installation of electrical equipment is firm, whether it is loose, whether the active part is rotating flexibly, so as to regularly check and eliminate undesirable factors.

Before starting the bridge erecting machine, the operator should carefully check the fastening and lubricating parts, and make all the preparations before starting according to the operating rules, before starting the use; In the process of machine operation, should always monitor the operation of all parts of the machinery and instrument indication signal, if abnormal (such as violent vibration, abnormal sound, odor, leakage, temperature, pressure and other mutations), should stop inspection;

When the machine is not stopped, it should not touch the rotating part and maintenance repair. When maintaining and welding the steel structure of the riveting working device, it is forbidden to use the body as ground wire when welding, and set up protection; Electrical equipment should be repaired by a full-time electrician, cut off the power supply before repair, and hang up the "do not close" card or send people to keep the gate, to prevent power transmission by mistake;

The power supply voltage of bridge erecting machine should be the same as the rated voltage of electrical equipment. All electrical equipment should be installed on the line and qualified shock guard. Steel structure should adopt zero protection and lightning protection induction device; The available oil in the hydraulic system should conform to the types and grades of the hydraulic oil specified in the relevant manual, and keep the hydraulic oil clean. The temperature of the hydraulic oil should be kept in the range of 30-80 degrees, and the oil temperature should be controlled as far as possible in use, and not exceed the allowable upper limit.

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