Scope of application of gantry crane

Gantry crane is a kind of crane, composed of main beam, legs and ground beam, usually installed in the outdoor use, is simple to operate, easy to use lifting machinery equipment. Gantry crane is a common equipment in the lifting industry, with good stability and practicality, so it is widely used.

Scope of application of gantry crane

The use of gantry crane in port is beyond doubt. There are a large number of containers in port freight, and the use of gantry crane can smoothly and quickly complete the loading and unloading of port cargo containers. The use of gantry crane operation in this field is very mature, and through expansion, the gantry crane is used in the field of ship parking, ship, to achieve all azimuth functions in the real sense.

So what is the cantilever of gantry crane? The simple understanding is that the main beam extending beyond the ouleg is called the cantilever. If one side of the trolley running track is taken as the benchmark, the part of the upper main beam extending beyond the track is the cantilever of the gantry crane.

Large equipment manufacturing, often need lifting equipment to assist. Such as shipbuilding. Relying on manpower can not be the volume of hundreds of thousands of tons of large transmission, arbitrary rise and fall. Here with the help of gantry crane lifting equipment to complete.

Under normal circumstances, the gantry crane is used for normal production operations in the span, or for stockpiling or transferring materials. As long as the transport vehicle parked in the normal channel can be normal lifting materials, very convenient. So since the gantry crane with cantilever is very convenient, are not all gantry cranes with cantilever? In fact, this is also based on the actual use of the site and the site of the situation. Different occasions have different design requirements and use requirements. For example, the indoor gantry crane is not suitable for the design of cantilever. Therefore, the specific form of gantry crane is determined according to the actual use needs of customers.

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