Container gantry cranes used to look like this!

Many mechanical equipment is widely used in the pursuit of simple and convenient society, its emergence greatly reduces the work intensity. Now let's talk about container gantry cranes. It is well known that the weight of containers requires some special equipment to transport, and the container gantry crane was born. They can run in an array container at once, raising and dropping targets as needed. Due to the low center of gravity, easy to control, in order to avoid the center of gravity offset, container gantry crane generally adopts the ceiling.

Container gantry cranes often appear in ports. This method is often used in the ocean engineering and shipbuilding industries. In recent years, people's demand for container gantry crane is increasing, which also indirectly promotes the technological progress of China's independent manufacturing equipment. At first, the manufacturing process of container gantry cranes was modeled on that of the Soviet Union. Later, with the continuous improvement and improvement of technology, China gradually formed its own system, which led to the current phenomenon: shipyards, logistics industry and other enterprises in many countries first choose To buy equipment made in China. It can be said that these products have entered the world advanced level, the export container gantry crane can be said to have been extended to all over the world.

Container gantry cranes used to look like this!According to its structural characteristics, container gantry cranes can be roughly divided into four types: fixed type, telescopic type, master slave type and slave type. The utility model can be divided into rotary type, two-way type and mobile type according to need. Each pattern and type has a different scope of application. For example, the stationary type can only carry containers of one size, while the master-slave type can lift containers of different sizes. Therefore, in the selection of type, can be configured according to their own needs, in order to give full play to the function of container gantry crane.

Do it some good. First of all, there is no need to change the structure of the factory to make it more beautiful to use. The second point is fast positioning, which makes the work more convenient, comfortable, stable operation, safe and reliable for the operators. It is not too artificial to destroy the general long service life, which is also the reason for its low headroom and small wheel pressure.

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