How to reduce unqualified gantry crane outflow?

The metal structure of the gantry crane is like a portal frame. Two legs are installed under the main beam to walk directly on the ground track. The two ends of the main beam can have an overhanging cantilever beam. Gantry crane is mainly used in outdoor, used for cargo yard, material yard, bulk cargo loading and unloading operation, operation range is large, and has a wide range of adaptability, strong versatility and other characteristics.

Gantry crane door frame structure form, main beam form, main beam structure and use of several kinds of classification. According to the frame structure can be divided into gantry crane and cantilever gantry crane, gantry crane is divided into full gantry crane and half gantry crane, cantilever gantry crane is divided into double cantilever gantry crane and single cantilever gantry crane. According to the use can be divided into ordinary gantry crane, hydropower station gantry crane, shipbuilding gantry crane, container gantry crane.

How to reduce unqualified gantry crane outflow?

There are so many cranes on the market now that the quality of some equipment is not qualified. How to reduce the outflow of unqualified gantry cranes? Before leaving the factory to do testing on the gantry crane, need to be consistent with the design drawings provided by the manufacturer, safety protection device is essential, to meet the safety standards, need to have the main parts of the inspection record or certificate of qualification; Quality inspection documents of manufacturing process; The stability of the machine is calculated and checked; Manufacturing supervision and inspection certificate, etc. The test items of gantry crane include performance test, safety protection device test, explosion-proof operation test, continuous operation test, structural strength test, etc.

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