Double beam hook bridge crane is widely used as lifting machinery

Double girder hook bridge crane is widely used lifting machinery, which is mainly composed of box bridge, lifting trolley, running mechanism and electrical control system. The fetching device is a hook. A track is laid above the main beam for the lifting trolley to move laterally along the direction of the main beam. The main beam is welded with the box type end beam, and the middle of the end beam is arranged with joints, bolts or pins for the bridge to be split and transported.

The crane can be equipped with motor grab, electromagnetic chuck and other fetching devices to meet the needs of lifting various types of materials. Crane working level A3 ~ A7, commonly used lifting weight of 3 ~ 250T. It is suitable for loading, unloading and lifting in factories, warehouses and freight yards where the ambient temperature is -20 ° C to 40 ° C and the relative humidity is not more than 85%. It is forbidden to work in inflammable, explosive and corrosive gas environment.

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