WIKA Sensor (Germany)

WIKA is the largest manufacturer of mechanical and electronic pressure and temperature measuring instruments and equipment in Germany and even in the world. Headquartered in Klingenburg, Frankfurt, Germany, WIKA is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise with more than 6000 employees.

WIKA is a professional manufacturer of mechanical, electronic pressure and temperature measuring instruments and equipment, which has a market share of more than 90% in Germany and more than 50% in Europe.

Outstanding features: Weka sensors have pressure and temperature laboratories directly authorized by the German Standards Agency (DKD). WIKA standard meter calibration certificate is licensed by the Western European Standards Agency (WECC) and has been recognized by 14 European countries.

WIKA has a series of products, such as ordinary pressure gauges, stainless steel pressure gauges, diaphragm pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, oil filled pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers, gas expansion thermometers, temperature transmitters and so on, can meet the use of all walks of life, in all kinds of environments.

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