[Double girder gantry crane] How to ensure stability in actual operation?

The use of double girder gantry crane has been expanded. For example, large farms are also in use. Today's mechanical equipment in the business scope has been expanded, in all areas of use has greater advantages. In addition to the general categories, there are also a large number of.

Double girder gantry crane is a kind of metal material gantry type mechanical equipment. Such equipment must pay attention to stability in the application, and also need to ensure that on hard roads. That not only ensures the normal operation of the track, but also ensures the coordination level between the load-bearing beams. In that way, the commodity can be configured according to the category of force, the total area or the real situation of the manufacturer.

In our actual operation of the double girder gantry crane, it can be said that there is no method. In turn, the technical operation of gantry is not simple, how to ensure stability in actual operation? In order to live in this post, the main attention should be paid to stability. As a double girder GANTRY CRANE DRIVER, I trust everyone to understand the serious hazards of the wrong operation of the double girder GANtry crane.

Double girder gantry crane is a large and medium-sized lifting equipment, up to 10 class. The driver of this double girder gantry crane is strictly required, but they can not be ignored. Mainly, the equipment is not the same as the processing plant, the quality of the structure is not the same, before the operation must carefully read the instructions, master the structure of the equipment.

In addition to the above provisions, the equipment shall be tested from time to time to prevent accidents during use. The driver master knows that when the double girder gantry crane is opened, some people guide the road above, so no matter what is caused, you can not decide without permission, decisively follow the guidance, encounter emergency parking anytime and anywhere. Be careful at all times, especially before driving, and remember to be steady before starting work. Check the maintenance status frequently after the actual operation.

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