Summer crane use precautions, keep these 5 points in mind

In the hot summer, the crane in the face of high temperature environment, we must do a good job of maintenance, so as to better ensure mechanical performance and construction efficiency, the following is about the summer use of cranes for attention, I believe that you will be helpful after reading.

Prevent overheating of the body
The high ambient temperature in summer makes the engine easy to overheat. Therefore, in summer, we should strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the engine cooling system, including water tank, thermostat, water pump, fan and so on, and timely add cooling water. When the water temperature exceeds 100℃, stop in the shade to cool down, let the engine idle, and lift the hood for heat dissipation. Can't put antifreeze oh, antifreeze is generally two years to change once!

Prevent water loss of battery
The summer temperature is high, the water in the battery electrolyte transpiration fast, the liquid level drops fast, and even the plate shows the liquid level, constituting the battery water deficit and early damage. Therefore, summer should often check the liquid level height in the battery, and increase distilled water in time to ensure the normal liquid level height, to ensure that the battery is in an outstanding operating condition.

Anti-brake failure
Brake fluid is easy to vaporize in a high temperature environment, forming air resistance in the brake pipeline, and brake shoes are simply ablated, constituting brake failure. Therefore, the summer should be timely check and adjust the braking system, on the way down the long slope should pay attention to parking and airing brake, to ensure that the braking function is outstanding; If it is found that the brake hub is hot, the parking should be cooled, but can not pour cold water to prevent the brake hub rupture.

Prevent the tire from blowing out
Summer is relatively easy to burst the tire season, the hot weather easy to make the tire deformation, tensile resistance decreased. As the tire itself, the air pressure is not standardized, tire aging, function weakening, and the process of driving in the tire rolled to a strong metal or other hard things, will lead to the crane suddenly burst tire. Therefore, the tire pressure should be appropriately lowered before the car, and the temperature and pressure of the tire should be checked in time when the car is resting on the way. If the tire temperature and tire pressure are found to be too high, the method of deflating and splashing cold water should not be adopted, and the crane should choose a cool place to park; Such as wading, should be appropriate to the tire temperature drop after wading, in case of early tire damage.

Damage to car paint
Prolonged exposure to the sun will make the equipment old and wrinkled. General BEAUTY WAXING, ALTHOUGH SOME EFFECT, BUT BECAUSE ANY CAR WAX CONTAINS SILICON, UV exposure will rust the car paint, leaving spots. And the car wax itself can not enhance the hardness, anti-ultraviolet effect, will be lost quickly because of the high temperature, therefore, parking should be parked in the shade.

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