How to solve the overheat problem of bearing of garbage crane?

Bearing as an important part of garbage crane, its use and maintenance have also received attention. So, the bearing of the garbage crane is often overheated in the process of use. Then, how should we solve the problem of overheating of the garbage crane? The following small series to explain in detail!

First of all, let us briefly understand the cause of bearing overheating of garbage crane. Crane bearings in the working state need to rotate and friction, friction process will continue to generate heat, this is the most basic physical knowledge in middle school. Therefore, the overheating of lifting bearings is mainly caused by the heat accumulation caused by their rapid rotation. However, constant rotation and friction of crane equipment in the process of use is inevitable, and we can only find ways to improve the bearing overheating problem of garbage crane. So, how to solve the problem of overheated bearing of garbage crane?

The most common way to improve the overheating of crane bearings is to design or cool crane bearings, so when crane bearings heat up, at the same time they can be cooled or cooled to avoid economic overheating of crane bearings. In view of the fineness and density of the crane bearing parts, the cooling method is easier to implement than the heat dissipation design method. The cooling effect of crane bearing can be achieved by introducing cooling water into bearing bush or directly supplemented with cooling water circulation.

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