Surface treatment of aluminium stamping parts

Metal stamping part manufacturer often MEET customers who need ALUMINUM stamping parts, because the weight of aluminum material is lighter, so the same size of products, net weight is lighter, the cost will be reasonably reduced. Generally speaking, because the surface of aluminum stamping parts is prone to various problems, customers will require surface treatment of stamping parts after the end of production. So what are the surface treatment methods of aluminum stamping parts?

1, metal drawing treatment

There are hundreds of types of metal drawing for aluminum stamping parts. The most common key is straight metal drawing, grain metal drawing, spiral metal drawing and external thread metal drawing. After metal drawing solution of aluminum stamping parts, can see the surface has a clear tiny impression, the product gives a visual effect of a shiny silk feeling. Most of the aluminum stamping parts at the end of the production and processing all need to carry out surface treatment, but the actual use of what kind of treatment method also depends on the actual provisions of the customer, in the customer did not put forward the requirements of the situation, is generally used to reflect the anodic oxidation oxygen.

14f11405c69419a43ebe73a05c267e402, aluminum anodic oxygen reaction

The surface solution of the lifted aluminum stamping is forced to mention the anodic oxidation oxygen reaction process. Anodic oxidation oxygen can reasonably make up for the surface strength and wear resistance of aluminum stamping parts and other aspects of the lack of, and can greatly increase the use of aluminum stamping parts and make the product look good. Nowadays, the anodic oxidation oxygen reaction has become a more widespread surface treatment method for aluminum stamping products. Anodizing oxygen reaction refers to the photocatalytic oxygen reaction of metal materials or aluminum alloy. Aluminum and aluminum alloy produce a layer of oxygen reflection film on aluminum metal (anodizing) under the relative lithium battery electrolyte and special processing technology standards, because of the effect of adding electric flow.

In addition, aluminum stamping parts can also get a variety of color surface according to the anodic oxidation oxygen reaction, further expanding the application of aluminum stamping parts.

3, sandblasting treatment

Sandblasting is generally an intermediate process to solve the surface of aluminum stamping parts. After sandblasting, aluminum stamping parts can reasonably remove the rough edges and oil stains on the surface, improve the cleanliness of the surface of the stamping parts, and can obtain different surface roughness products according to the manipulation of sandblasting raw materials. Sandblasting can significantly improve the characteristics of the product, after the surface process treatment, can also expand the adhesion between aluminum stamping parts and coating, is the product plus durable and beautiful.

4, grinding and polishing treatment

The aluminum stamping parts after grinding and polishing can be close to the actual effect of mirror glass, which greatly improves the level of the product and the level of beauty and generosity. However, because of the characteristics of aluminum metal, the polishing of aluminum stamping parts is rare, and if no other surface solution is done after polishing, the wear resistance will be low. After polishing aluminum stamping parts, it is difficult to maintain the actual effect of mirror glass for a long time. Generally, stainless steel plate is recommended for products that require the actual effect of mirror glass.

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