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Students who are going to Japan will always struggle with a lot of questions when preparing their luggage and necessary items. Are some things bought in China and brought here? Or do you buy it after you come to Japan? Especially about mobile phones and Pr phone cards. This kind of needs to be used at any time, demand is very high. Let's answer the questions we've collected so far.

Q1: Is an Android phone available in Japan?
A: Of course, Android phones are available. In Japan, not everyone uses Apple. Many shopping malls and stores have Android phone brands. For example, Siba's Samsung, and our Chinese Vivo, OPPO and Huawei.

Q2: Do Huawei phones work in Japan?
A: Huawei phones are a little bit special. It depends on whether you brought it from China or bought it in Japan. To be honest, I find it rather inconvenient to use Huawei phones brought from China. Because Japan needs a lot of time to use Google related software, such as Google Maps, just came to an unfamiliar place, the map is basically used every day. Some software that requires a Google login can also be inconvenient to use.

Language school students, in particular, are often asked to use a Google account if they want to take a Zoom course. So the convenience of using Huawei in Japan is still less than that of other Android phones. But Huawei phones bought in Japan can use Google-related components.

Ps: The above two questions and answers, are in accordance with ordinary circumstances, the whole network for the mobile phone. If SOME students use a contract machine, then the above two questions are not included in the discussion scope.

85d348f36b31790d091e20a9dd5a3ac3Q3: Are Japanese iphones cheap and easy to use?
A: In terms of the direct price, it's almost the same. But if it is to go to the first half of the year to buy, because you can duty-free, that is still more than in the domestic buy to save a few hundred yuan. It's pretty much the same. The difference is

① The Japanese iPhone can only insert one card, while the domestic version can double card double wait;

② The Japanese iPhone has a sound when taking pictures, and it won't turn off.

In addition, the feeling is almost the same, as for the single card or double card, this point we can see their needs and decide. If you need a domestic card that has been inserted on the phone with, accept verification code ah, it is better to buy the domestic version.

Q4: Do mobile phones and calling cards have to go together in Japan? Can I use the mobile phone I brought from China to apply for a calling card only?

A: Cell phones and calling cards can be handled together or separately. You can use the mobile phone brought from home, and then only buy a phone card; ​you can also buy a new phone in Japan and get a calling card from a carrier that offers you a better deal. But for example, ALL bought a mobile phone in Japan newly, STILL SUGGEST TO DO TOGETHER WITH PHONE CARD, GENERAL MEETING HAS A LITTLE DISCOUNT. Like cutting the quote, or giving back a lot of points can be used directly for shopping. If you rent a house, if you have Wi-Fi at home, and the same company as the phone card, you will also have these discounts.

Q5: In Japan, what phone card is relatively high cost performance?

A: When it comes to high value for money, of course, it is the Gianca under each carrier. Geanka, as the name suggests, is a relatively cheap phone card package in Japan. The cost of calling cards in Japan is relatively high. Many of them are six or seven thousand yen, but the lowest price of Geanka is about three thousand yen. As for which one you think is more suitable for you, you can wait to see the package content of each carrier to decide, such as more data and free calls you prefer.

Japan's telecom carriers are Softbank, Docomo and AU, just like China's mobile Unicom. Because it is a competitive relationship, it often launches some activities to grab customers. For example, if you transfer from another phone card company to our company, I will give you an XX mobile phone... Or you can get an iPhone from me at a very good price, or something like that. But at this time, we must understand clearly the contract content of the mobile phone card and the conditions of the company, pay attention to the key word is "one bracket" or "substance", and pay attention to the late cost will not suddenly increase such a consumption trap.

Q6: Do you want to buy a temporary mobile phone card? Which temporary card works well?

A: Yes, definitely. Although I've never bought a temporary card before, I don't have any good ones to recommend. But BECAUSE I came TWO years ago WHEN DID NOT BUY, according to my own history of blood and tears, I strongly recommend everyone to buy a good temporary card, bring transition with me!

Because it is more troublesome to get a mobile phone card in Japan, you need to use a credit card or bank card applied for in Japan. However, in Japan, the bank card is not the same day you can get the card. After you apply at the bank counter, you have to wait a few days. The bank will send your card to you by envelope mail, and then take the bank card to apply for a mobile phone card. If you bring a credit card from home, this question can be skipped.

So those are some of the questions that you might have with your cell phone or your phone card. So for electronic communication, I would recommend that you bring a laptop, if you need a computer. If you are planning to buy a macbook, it is recommended to buy it when you come. After all, you can also get a tax exemption.

But Apple outside all brand notebooks, recommended from the domestic bought to bring over. Because other brands of laptops other than Apple are very cheap to buy in Japan. Now it is different from before, domestic electronic products update faster, many laptop models, put home may have been the old model more outdated price reduction, but it is very expensive to buy in Japan.

If you buy a laptop in Japan, only Apple laptops are more cost-effective, so if you need to use a computer, or are planning to buy a computer, according to their own situation to see how the most affordable convenience is.

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