Love sex dolls: "She" is not just a sex toy

In recent years, the production of sexual toys has been progressing from sexualtoys, and the facial expression is sexual toys. For others, dolls are not merely props for sexual gratification, but intimate family members and lovers. Fuji TV late into the night this week's programme "ボ ク が love し た ラ ブ ド ー ル" is an interview with a group of people who love sex dolls, whether in the eyes of their sex doll is what kind of?

Sex dolls with animated faces were released in Japan as early as 2000.

The interviewees' collections include Magical maiden Nayha, Kananagi, Suzumiya Haruhi's Melancholy, Lucky Star, K-ON, etc. You can see from the lightning tomahawk and the heart of the rising Sun on the wall that he is reasonably professional.

Rather than H's goal, it's to promote intimacy.

The purpose of collecting these dolls is to get closer to the characters in the animation.

The middle-aged man is estranged from his wife and children because he went to work in different places when he was young. But he has lived life to the fullest since he got a sex doll.

Not only do they name their dolls after their first lovers, they even take them out with them. The doll's presence is woven into his daily life.

Buy fresh clothes for your beloved doll regularly.

I even go out to dinner with a group of friends, each with their own dolls.

It would have been complicated if it had been a real person, but it was still a doll, said the middle-aged man's wife. It's kind of a tacit hobby.

Others include men who project their emotions on dolls after the death of a loved one, and women who are intrigued by the dolls' beauty.

It was an eye-opener to see that the world of sex dolls is considerably deeper than we thought. Especially in the healing of the heart, it has a great effect.

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