Miniature aluminium alloy elevator

How can the tiny drivable manlift be maintained in the course of daily use?

1, regularly check whether the bolts in each part are loose. If so, they should be tightened immediately.

2. The traction wire rope of the traction type or hydraulic elevator should be kept properly lubricated. When the oil temperature exceeds 70 degrees, it should be stopped and allowed to cool naturally before continuing to use.

3. When the elevator is running, it is forbidden to use hands, feet and objects to prevent the door from closing.

1bfdb394d90d40460edce27a5378088a4. The lighting fixtures in the elevator car should work reliably and have a backup power supply for emergency use of power failure.

5, it is forbidden to overload the elevator (the number of passengers shall not exceed the rated load).

6. The safety switch device on the electrical circuit and equipment shall not be removed at will to prevent electric shock.

7. Keep the room neat and free from sundry objects and water; ​good ventilation in the machine room; ​the inner wall of the well and the bottom pit surface layer is smooth and solid; ​the guide rail is installed firmly and reliably, and no articles are allowed to be placed on the guide rail to avoid slipping and injuring people.

8, frequently check the electrical control system work is normal, safe and reliable, whether there is overheating over current phenomenon and poor contact and other faults.

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