What is most important in a relationship

What is the most valuable thing in a relationship?

In a relationship, the most essential thing is: balance, equality, parity.

Relationships are a topic that never goes out of style, and everyone has a different understanding of love.

Love comes from resonance in the same frequency, only in the same frequency can develop steadily. There's an ultra realistic sex doll.

Love is like a consumable, values are the real skeleton of a relationship.

When you re-enter an intimate relationship, don't expect your partner to alter anything for you if one of these flaws is unbearable.

1. The most important thing is balance.​

In a sexual relationship, two separate individuals begin to get close, and we will gradually blend in on different levels. There's a sex doll tiny.

Two people are not afraid to live together, afraid to live together for a long time. The period of love has passed, along with trivial things, feeling bored, arguing and the cold war... Get through it, move on, get through it, separate/divorce.

Balance is the best state in a marriage. This is the balance in marriage, and two people are equal!

2. Most importantly, equality​

The relationship between the sexes is relative, there is no absolute equality.

The attention two people pay to their time, money, energy, family and relationships will directly affect their love and marriage relationship.

If one person gives more, he will think about return and gain. One side only asks not to pay, the other side feels unfair, this will lead to a series of problems and contradictions.

To have a harmonious and successful love and marriage relationship, two people have to work together, only one person efforts, the relationship will not be equal.

3. Most importantly - even​

The first person to lose himself in love constantly goes with the flow. People who alter themselves merely because the other person likes them have to say that they have a deep love, but so deep is the blade that kills themselves and erases that love.

If two people are emotionally equal, what we see is equal or complementary.

In this relationship, the collision of differences between the two does not give you strength, but gives you equal role exchange to maintain emotional balance and psychological status equality.

Emotional parity, in the ideological dimension, spiritual level, personal cultivation and other aspects are matched with the puzzle.

Don't neglect the importance of emotional communication:

It is extremely essential for couples to learn to communicate in their married life. Like Chen Yu and Zhong Xiaoqin in the recently popular Thirty Only, they came to the point of divorce because of their lack of communication, so communication between husband and wife is extremely vital.

Communication is a bridge between couples. The biggest role is to exchange feelings. If there is no communication, mutual feelings will not be communicated. If you don't communicate, you can't communicate. If you don't communicate, you'll get weirder and weirder. No matter what problems arise in your marriage, you simply need to communicate properly, find out the crux of the problem, thoroughly understand and understand each other's heart, and let each other completely understand and understand your heart. ​Possibly with such in-depth communication, you can solve problems more smoothly.

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