How important it is to communicate before and after sex

What is the most important thing in a relationship?

1. You should have a hobby. You can love music, writing, traveling, sports, cooking, dressing up, etc. Humans are visual animals and you have to show your bright side to the other person.

2. In gender relations, you should show many aspects of life such as study, career, circle of friends, gaming circle, etc. You can go to more concerts with friends, watch intense esports competitions, complete yoga body shaping, go to the playground, etc. Your life should be colorful. There are ultra realistic sex dolls.

3. If you have entered the society and have your own career and money, making money, love may cheat you, but money will not, money will bring you a sense of security, money you can enjoy life better.

4. Read more books, like a beautiful leather bag, interesting soul pick one thousand miles, time is not defeated interesting soul, read more, talk more

5. Be humble. If you can be complacent with all of the above, there's no need. The higher the character, the lower the attitude, the more you can win the admiration of others. The most important thing is to be polite, humble and principled to others. In a sexual relationship, the most important thing is to constantly improve yourself and be yourself. There's mini sex dol.

How important is pre - and post-sexual communication?

Verbal communication is an important form of sexual communication. When people speak, the vibrations in their voices express emotions, which can stimulate our imagination. Language includes not only text but also timbre, tone and volume. General emotional communication can be elevated to rational understanding by passing on or reacting to sexual requests

Human love is different from sex in animal kingdom. Its important basis is emotional communication through language communication. Due to the influence of education and concept, the use of language in sexual intercourse is often characterized by ambiguity.

Groans have an aphrodisiac effect

The groaning of men and women when sexual excitement and orgasm occur also has quite a thrilling effect, especially on men. A 28-year-old man said: "When I'm having sex with my wife, I hear my wife barking and the more she barks, the more excited I get because her barking makes me feel like I'm doing something to make her happy.

Another man, aged 30, confessed that his wife's low groans during orgasm were very seductive and provocative. It can be said that a man's verbal communication during foreplay is very important for a woman's sexual arousal, while a woman's voice acts as an aphrodisiac for a man's sexual arousal during intimacy.

Women moan differently during sex, but the language they moan in is similar, like quick, can't stand it, don't stop! Wait, do not learn naturally will blurt out, can be called the world's women's common language.

Fast groan frequency

The reason why women groan during sexual excitement is that breathing and heart rate increase significantly, the central nervous system becomes excited, resulting in increased blood pressure and increased aerobic metabolism. Xie Quicken speed. At this point, the number of breaths can be up to 40 times/min, the heart rate can increase to 120 times/min, individual breaths can be up to 150 times/min -160 times/min. Due to a drop in oxygen levels in the blood, women fall into a state of mild hypoxia, accelerating breathing disorders and naturally producing the muffled cries that are characteristic of orgasm.

At the same time, due to an increase in stimulants in the female brain (which are still very poorly understood), it eases brain inhibition and causes women to make unimaginable calls (known in the sex language as the sex call).

Men like a woman's voice

There are quite a few men and women who take a happy attitude towards women's groans. Hard ice cream makers and the size of the voice are the criteria for judging women's sexual excitement. Few men dislike women's groans.

In real life, some women with severe sexual repression or sexual orthodoxy consciously control their sexual feelings by not making noise during sex at all. But these women struggle to achieve an actual orgasm during sex.

A man's favorite groan

1. Fuzzy voice: The most representative voice of this kind of voice is the voice of Zhou Xuan, the old Shanghai golden voice, and the voice of the old radio station long ago, soft, soft and sweet, which makes men addicted. But now women are masters and have the same rights as men. Her voice is loud and powerful. She stopped trying to impress men with her voice. The evolution of self-reliance in women is bound to lose that voice.

2. Sweet voice: In the early 1980s, mainlanders remembered a woman's name as Teresa Teng. Her sweet and fresh voice will let a man impetuous confused heart get gentle calm, even addicted to it, forget everything.

3. Magnetic sound: This sound is represented by CAI Qin. Using this voice to interpret the soft taste of women, like a glass of old wine. Listening to CAI Qin's songs is suitable for rainy days. It's a beautiful scene. This voice enables men to understand women more thoroughly.

4. Sexy voice: Sexy voice is a relatively vague concept, but there's a word for it: soft. Usually women have high-pitched voices, so softness is the key to being sexy.

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