What sexual skills should women master?

What sexual skills should women master? Sex between two people is likely to degenerate from the initial passion into a mechanical piston, thus losing the pleasure of lovemaking. ​Then what sexual skills should women master? Let the sakura sex doll tell you,

First, women must learn sexual skills.​

1. Masturbation improves erections

If you have erectile problems, you can masturbate to improve the erection of your penis before formal sex begins. Studies have shown that after a male ejaculation, the penis erection hardness is significantly increased, and the sensitivity is relatively reduced. At the same time, it can be a short fun foreplay. Women can also try to find their own sensitive zones and improve their sexual quality.

2. Choose labor-saving poses

You understand, sex is a highly physically draining thing. Therefore, when making love, try to choose those positions that save energy, which can effectively extend the time of intercourse. Sleeping on your side and a woman on top are excellent choices. Women in active positions not only increase pleasure for both partners, but also effectively relax men's muscles for longer periods of time. It is best not to choose the top male position. Male muscles constantly maintain tension, have a strong sense of stimulation, prone to premature ejaculation.

3. Slow down

When people are in high spirits, they are easily excited, and then the speed of body movement will be increased. However, for those with premature ejaculation symptoms, this is not a great idea. Therefore, in order to prolong the sexual time, do not pursue too strong, penile convulsion speed is too rapid, will only enhance the stimulation of the sensitive area, leading to early ejaculation. When you feel ejaculation, removing the penis or pausing the movement to engage a woman in a tongue kiss with the lower body still can effectively relieve tension. Repeating this has a noticeable effect on prolonging sex.

4. Press the woman's finger

If the penis reacts overly early during sex and has a tendency to ejaculate, a woman can place her finger on the frenulum and pull it up and down for a few seconds to avoid premature ejaculation. Remember to use the abdomen instead of the nails to avoid cutting the male genitals. Multiple times, the sensitivity of the penis will decrease and the urge to ejaculate will disappear, allowing sex to continue.

5. Choose time to have sex

Now everyone's work and life is extremely tense, people are extremely tired. Therefore, if you want to have a quality sex life, you must have the ability to choose the right time so that you can enjoy a perfect sex life while avoiding fatigue. For office workers, the most energetic time of day is in the morning. This is the time when people are most alert. It is also the time when they are very energetic. With the full release of a strong sexual desire, it can also delay the night of World War II.

Two, the introduction of sexual misunderstanding

Myth # 1. Sex should forever be the most perfect and warm exchange between two people's minds and bodies.​

In real life, sex can be tender, wild, persistent, short, excellent, bad. Therefore, if we feel depressed about the pain we are experiencing, it only deprives us of the pleasure we have and perpetuates a sense of incompetence and failure. Therefore, accept and face our sexuality in a normal manner, without being surrounded by pain and confusion.

Myth # 2. ​To put it bluntly, your feelings make your partner think you're overly open

A lot of women have this inherent misconception that takes a lot of the fun out of sex. Are you too embarrassed to express your feelings? RON is a lady. After five years of marriage, her sex life with her husband is as natural as weekends. But one night, out of the blue, her husband told Rong that we should spend some time apart. Rong burst into tears and asked angrily: Why? Don't we? The husband bowed his head and said, "We lack communication, including being in bed."​ You are always silent, I..... I feel bored.

Experts believe that sex can only be fresh if both partners acknowledge their feelings. ​Numerous women who have trouble in their marriages invariably assume that men's empathy is mostly because they are bored with themselves. But the truth is, it's not knowing you sufficiently, not investing enough, and not being committed to your relationship, that's the main cause of sexual fatigue. Most couples follow a pattern every time they have sex because they both understand what is the most likely way to make each other happy; ​but once sex becomes routine and doesn't require innovation, it gets dull.

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