3 thoughts on “August 26th from Beijing Flying Australia Newcastle”

  1. Indeed, only domestic flights to Australia are only Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Of course it is convenient for turning. If you get a taxi, the cost is very expensive, and the phenomenon of local taxis slaughtering foreigners is more serious. The train is not recommended. After all, you have just arrived. You are not familiar with each line and it is difficult to communicate.
    The price of the train should be around 10AD. If you transfer, you can consult the domestic ticket office or do it at the airport after arriving. I didn't sit on the rental.
    I stayed in Sydney for a long time, but I came back some time ago, huh.

  2. Newcastle has no airport, you can take the train. After you arrive at Sydney, buy a Newcastle ticket at the Airport Railway Station, take the train to Centret, after getting to Centret, you can find the third line, you can also ask the waiter. There is a train directly to Newcastle. , Student tickets 18 knives. Centret is the starting station. Sometimes when the railway is repaired, you have to transfer to the car. If you don't know, you can follow everyone. The itinerary is about three hours, and there is usually a bus for half an hour. Drive for two and a half hours by yourself.

  3. Generally, when you first come, you can order Happy Cabby! They will send you to the car to Newcastle, and charge more than Australian dollars, which can let your agency bind it for you. Take a taxi from Sydney to Newcastle, you are crazy, you take 2 hours, and the fare costs 300 Australian dollars. You just order Happy Cabby, it is cheap and can send you to your destination ~ Give you a website of Happy Cabby. Let the intermediary help you set it

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