Single girder gantry crane is simple in structure and convenient in production and manufacture

The gantry crane with single main beam is simple in structure, convenient in production, manufacturing and assembly, small in quality, and most load-bearing beams are box-shaped steel frame structures. Compared with the double - stack beam gantry crane, the overall bending stiffness is weaker. Therefore, when the lifting weight Q≤ 50T and span S≤35m, this kind of method can be used. Single girder gantry crane gantry leg has L type and C type two ways. L type is convenient for production, manufacturing and assembly, good bearing capacity and small quality. Double stack beam gantry crane bearing capacity is strong, span is large, the overall reliability is good, many kinds, but its quality and the same lifting weight of the single main beam gantry crane comparison to a point, the project cost is also higher, so in lifting large and medium-sized goods will sometimes use double stack beam gantry crane.

Rail crane. This kind of lifting equipment chooses box form and truss structure structure, the main use is the most common. Can transport a variety of goods and soft raw materials, lifting weight in 100 tons below, span of 4 to 39 meters. The general crane working with grab crane is of higher grade. General crane key is lifting hook, grab crane, electromagnetic induction, reed crane, at the same time also includes semi crane.

Single girder gantry crane is simple in structure and convenient in production and manufactureGantry lifting equipment for hydropower plant. The key is to lift and open and close the water gate, but also to complete the assembly work. The lifting weight is 80~500 tons, the span is small, 8~16 meters; The lifting rate is low, ranging from 1 to 5 m/min. Although this kind of lifting equipment is not often lifted, but once applied in the work is very complicated, so it is necessary to moderately improve the work level.

Gantry lifting equipment for shipbuilding industry. For assembling the hull on the slipway, it is necessary to have two lifting cars: one has two main hooks and operates on the track of the flange plate on the bridge shelf; The other one has a main hook and a secondary hook, and operates on the track of the flange plate under the cable bridge to facilitate the rotation and lifting of large and medium-sized hull sections. The weight is generally 100~1500 tons; Span up to 185 meters; Lifting rates range from 2 to 15 m/min and also from 0.1 to 0.5 m/min.

Marine container gantry lifting equipment. Used in ports and docks. A shipping container unloaded from a ship by a trailer carrying a quaywall container transport bridge. Rail gantry crane. After being transported to the yard or behind, it can be stacked or immediately loaded and transported out by the gantry lifting equipment of Marine containers, which can speed up the capital turnover of the Marine container transport bridge or other lifting equipment. Can pile up high 3~4 layers, wide 6 rows of shipping container yard, generally with caterpillar type, but also effective rail type. Compared with the Marine container gantry lifting equipment, its span and the relative height of both sides of the gantry frame are relatively large. In order to integrate into the transport of port logistics, this kind of crane has a higher level of work. Lifting rate is 8~10 m/min; The span is decided based on the number of lines of shipping containers that must be surmounted. The lifting weights of larger containers with a length of 60 meters are about 20 tons, 25 tons and 30 tons respectively for 20-inch, 30-foot and 40-inch containers.

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