Flexible scheduling of double yard cranes at container terminals

Flexible scheduling of double yard cranes at container terminalsFlexible scheduling of double field cranes in container terminals considering dynamic cut-off time

Yard handling is an important part of port logistics and affects the overall efficiency of container ports. Depot crane scheduling is affected by many external factors. For example, dynamic truncation time makes the release time of yard crane variable, and the task arrangement of yard crane also changes frequently, resulting in a lot of calculation time. In order to increase the flexibility of container yard handling, a double yard crane scheduling model considering no cross constraints and dynamic cut-off time was established. A combined PSO and local rescheduling strategy (LRPSO) is proposed to deal with the problem faster and more effectively. The performance of the proposed method is verified by small-scale and large-scale simulation experiments. The results show that the scheduling method is more efficient.

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