What are the popular types of single beam cranes in the workshop?

European crane: The crane equipment adopts European design, not only has the C-type structure, can effectively improve the transport space, and the mute effect, can reduce noise hazards, and light weight. General lifting 2 tons, lifting height of 6 meters, running length of 15 meters. Hook bridge crane: using compact design, not only large crane working space, but also to achieve low vibration work, and the gearbox life lubrication, no need for refueling, there is a quick response of the brake, can better achieve the work.

What are the popular types of single beam cranes in the workshop?Electric single beam crane: general lifting 10 tons, width 19.5 meters, lifting height 9 meters, operation length 100 meters; It is suitable for warehouse loading and unloading, material handling, and mold assembly. Frequency conversion line crane: the main beam adopts the whole plate cutting material, equipped with domestic "Jiangyin Kacheng" electric hoist, and two-in-one control cabinet; A frequency converter was also installed.

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