Tadano has unveiled its new 25T off-road crane

Cross-country crane, is a kind of crane structure installed on the heavy tire and wheel shaft composed of a special chassis on a full rotary crane, which is suitable for liquidity operations, widely used.

Tadano, a well-known crane manufacturer in Japan, unveiled its new 25-ton off-road crane "gr-250n CREVO250 G5" on September 7, local time. The maximum lifting mass is 25T, the length of the main boom is 31.3m, and the lifting radius is 27.9m. It is understood that the product is not only more environmentally friendly but also has higher performance than the previous generation of products, making it become the correction of similar products.

In Japanese equipment, energy saving and environmental protection are invisible soft indicators. Gr-250n CREVO250 G5 applies a series of new technologies to further energy saving and emission reduction. The GR-250N CREVO250 G5 is powered by a new generation Hino J08E 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 7.684L and 196kW, which reduces overall fuel consumption by 4.4% compared to its predecessor. At the same time, the equipment through the PTO pump "pump stop" function, effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption, the perfect combination of energy and efficiency.

Tadano has unveiled its new 25T off-road crane

The GR-250N CREVO250 G5 adopts a 2-axis chassis, and its overall length, height and width dimensions are 11530mm, 2620mm and 3475mm respectively. The product has a maximum travel speed of 49km/h and a minimum turning radius of 5.1m (4-wheel steering) and 8.5m (2-wheel steering).

The product supports radio-controlled setup preparation for: mounting/retracting of aluminum plates, extending/retracting of legs and mounting/retracting of boom, but does not support crane lifting.

The product supports setup preparation by setting up radio controls

Tada Field GR-250N CREVO250 G5 off-road crane currently has two specifications of products (power tilt sub-arm model and automatic sub-arm model), the pre-tax price of the product is 47.5 million yen and 48 million yen respectively.

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