The growing crane industry

As the industry the emergence of new technologies, new processes and new products, application also continue to set new standards to apply, China mobile crane standards system medium dowa to modify the standard of the standard should be revised in time, with the change of standard of reference standards abroad standards should also be as the change of foreign standards after analyzing the appropriate revision.

The growing crane industry


The hydraulic driving device of crane has the characteristics of compact structure and can bear bidirectional force, but its piston, cylinder and push rod have a certain precision, so it should be strengthened for maintenance. Use a torque wrench to install the joint bolts so that the pretightening force is even. Because the gantry crane is prone to vibration in operation, it is necessary to regularly check whether the bolts are loose. Hydraulic drive brake should often check the amount of hydraulic oil, when insufficient to add appropriate amount.

Crane positioning accurate mechanism movement limit, high repetition precision torque, lifting weight limiter; Unique and reliable trolley anti-broken shaft device and trolley anti-broken rope safety device; Independent side of the driver's cab, good vision, large internal space, using linkage console, equipped with soft chair, easy to operate, comfortable; The appearance of the machine is popular, beautiful and generous; All steel structural parts are welded with CO2 gas protection, with high strength.

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