The reason and influence of single beam crane start and stop shaking

Single beam crane has ground and air two modes of operation. Ground operation has two kinds of wire handle operation and remote control handle operation; Aerial operation refers to operation in the driver's cab. The driver's cab has two types of open and closed, which can be divided into two types of left or right side installation according to the actual situation. The entrance direction has two kinds of side and end face, so as to meet the user's choice under different needs.

The reason and influence of single beam crane start and stop shaking


Causes of single beam crane start and stop shaking:

1, transmission parts wear clearance. Such as gear coupling gear and reducer gear and its combination key loose, drive shaft connecting bolt and hole gap grinding.

2. The wheel binding key is loose.

A wheel doesn't turn well. The wheel stops first because the plate fixing the wheel bearing seat is not straight so that the bearing is not flexible.

4. The braking torque of the brakes on both sides of the crane driven respectively is inconsistent. When stopping, one brake wheel has stopped and the other is still rotating.

As the car body twists and shakes, the wheels on both sides turn accordingly, so that the transmission parts of the car body are subjected to repeated impact, and the wear of the acceleration gear and keys and other combined parts (a basic type of parts failure). Serious torsion and sway will drive shaft (drive shaft: shaft tube, telescopic sleeve and universal joint) the danger of twisting.

Deform the bridge. Because the bridge is leading on one side at the same time, one side lags behind, and at the moment of rebound, the leading side lags behind, and the lagging side is leading. In this way, the oscillation and torsion make the bridge and beam joint plastic deformation or cracking.

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