What are the main points of routine inspection of European crane?

In order to ensure the operation of the bridge crane, during the operation of the European crane for routine inspection, check the main points of the project as follows: lifting stroke limit switch, height limit device, interlock mechanism of normal performance, reliable. Main parts requirements: the opening size is less than 15% of the original size, less than 10% torsion deformation; Board hook bushing wear should be less than 50% of the original size, board hook mandrel in wear should be less than 5%, no peeling, burr, welding, hook rack, pulley no obvious defects.

European crane wire rope surface wear, corrosion should be less than 40% of the diameter of the wire, at a certain distance is less than 10% of the total number of wire broken wire, no breakage, no obvious thinning, no core part out, dead Angle twist, extrusion deformation, annealing, burning phenomenon. The end of the wire rope is connected with the fixed clip, press plate and stick piece. The connection is intact and there is no loosening. The press plate is not less than 2 and not less than 3 clips.

There is no crack in the drum, no loose connection and fixation; The wear of cylinder wall is less than 20% of the original wall thickness. Roll not less than 2 turns, the straight diameter ratio of drum and wire rope should meet the requirements. Balance wheel fixed intact wire rope should meet the requirements. The brake has no crack, no loosening, no serious wear, the brake gap on both sides of the equal size is suitable, there is enough braking force brake wear less than 50% of the original thickness. Through the routine inspection of European crane, to put an end to personal accidents, reduce equipment accidents, improve the rate of equipment operation and reduce maintenance costs have played a significant role.

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